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Android income report. New ads networks

Android income report. New ads networks.


I am testing a lot of new advertising networks for Android and I wish to share my experience with another developers publishing real date to clarify all these CPM, PPI,CTR,EPC and don't waste the time.
I have a heap of ad impressions from my "safe" networks so I thought it was an ideal time to try out a few other networks I’d heard of, and see how they compare in terms of eCPM and overall revenue. I talked about airpush and leadbolt on my previously reports so now it's time for my new networks.


(for Android, IOS, websites) FR 12% ECPM €3.2

They offer a very good eCPMs but they have 2 drawbacks,  the fill rate is pretty appalling and  only fills inventory for a small set of Western European countries(mainly Germany). Outside of this area, you’d be lucky to get any adverts at all.
The implementation is very easy, in the form of library. The dashboard is pretty poor but clear.
Keep testing a little more but I'd found better alternatives.


 (Android, IOS, WP8, BlackBerry, websites). FR 55% ECPM $1.6

Fill rate is a bit low but eCPM is quite good. The SDK is a bit "heavy" and need to improve the documentation but since the CTR was really quite high and have good eCPM it's a good choice. As you can see in the picture, they work with a lot of networks, some with better eCPM and some with low eCPM. Be sure to Opt out of this networks and keep the good ones (especially inneractiva 360º and vdopia)
 Inneractive has great developer support. I am testing integration with mopub but still have some problems. More news will come.



FR 85% ECPM $8.01

My biggest success here!!!. I was trying to improve the revenues in some of my apps while I maintain my top apps with my "safe" networks and I very pleased with the results (see The numbers section). Even I will change my top apps to this network since they offer absolutely stunning eCPMs.
Thus, this month I have a 100$ bonus for joining.
Integration is very easy, they have interstitial, splash and exit interstitial and banners. There are also notification ads for non-google play apps, with a high eCPM.


FR 77% ECPM $3.83

Another very good choice with a variety of innovative products
There are two payment models. You may also combine them to maximize the earnings.
PayPerDownload – earn a fixed price for every app download
Classic  banner, interstitial and exit ads
These are the rate of PPD from Search Box SDK
US  $8 for every 1,000 downloads   $12 with bonus
Non US  $1.2 for every 1,000 downloads  $1.8 with bonus
Since this difference in PPD scheme a good tactic is to detecting if the user of you app comes from USA and try another network for non USA customers.

Number and Conclusión.

My choices:

1st Tapcontext  ECPM $8.01

2nd Startapp ECPM $3.83

3rd Inneractive (better FR, lower ECPM) and Madvertise (better ECPM, lower FR)

I will publish another report about more ads networks that I currently testing like adbuddiz, mobilecore and appnext but currently I'm moving all my apps to Tapcontext and Startapp.








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Earn More With Push Notifications
Push notifications are LeadBolt’s latest proven and engaging method of app monetization.

This new ad format is so effective, that the average eCPM’s for push notification ads on Android & Apple iOS are currently $15+ on.

Here are the results:


Join now to Leadbolt

Push notifications allow you to display ads on the homepage of an app users’ mobile device, even when the app is not being used.

Earn higher eCPM’s
Push notifications generate significantly higher CTR’s, since users view them when it is convenient in their own time rather than during a game play or app usage. As a result, revenues are significantly higher compared to standard in-app banner ads. Also, push notifications can be effectively used in conjunction with banner ads as an additional revenue stream in your app monetization strategy.

Monetize Inactive Users
Depending on the popularity of your app, its active life span might only be few days long. With traditional ad formats, this is the only time you can monetize the users. With push notification ads, you can reach and monetize inactive and intermittent users very effectively.

Developers control exactly who gets push notifications and how often, including frequency and targeting of user types. Users also have the option to opt out.

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I'm now running MobFox ads in my apps for just a month  instead Admob and now I can compare and give some help to other developers.

MobFox specialize in extremely high CPC  ads in Europe (I’ve seen 22-cent clicks).

What happen with your users from the rest of the world? Well, let’s see below


Talking about jar-sizes they're almost head on head. AdMob: ~50kB, MobFox: ~30kB.

MobFox's instructions for how to implement their ads on Android are normal, but they have a code sample which you can modify to fit in your app in less than 5 minutes.

Initial results




Impresisons - Europa - Admob (Sept.)




Impressions - MobFox (October)




I saw an increase in the revenue over Admob.  Not only was the CPC higher, the CTR (click-through-rate) was higher as well.  That doesn’t take much math – higher income per click, and more clicks means more revenue.

Non european users

Now let’s see how to complement this higher CPC with our USA and Asian users.

MobFox have a backfill option that lets you send traffic to Inmobi (directly, so you get all of the income) if they don’t have ads to serve.  It’s just as simple to set up. A great idea. Inmobi is specialize in Asia.

Also MobFox have a feature called “eCPMcontrol”.  Basically, you can limit ads shown to only ones with a higher CPC or eCPM (or both) than a value you set.  Don’t want low-paying ads to even show?  This gives you that control.  Paired with the backfill feature noted above, this means you can use MobFox to just serve high-paying ads and have Admob serve the rest.

There is a tweak to still have Admob as a backup for our adsense and our house ads.
Using a thread and a viewFlipper whe can server Admob ads when there aren’t ads from the rest of out networks. You have to include the GoogleAdmobSDK but it’s direct, so you get all of the income and your stats will reflect this ads request.



Impressions - Worldwide - Admob(September)



Impressions  MobFox +InMobi +Admob 



Keep in mind that values like CPC and eCPM vary depending on time, location and your application itself but the facts in my apps is that I almost get Admob x4 eCPM with MobFox

It’s worth sign up for MobFox.

If you have any question or need more help, just leave a comment.

PS: I don't recommend you Mobclix